Wednesday, April 11, 2007

" Albert campo beeza"

"silence versus so much deafening noise. simplicity versus so much complication. white and simple architecture attempts to achieve everything with almost nothing:
more with less"

The casa gaspar house in zahora, cadiz, spain

The building is named Hortus conclusus which is a latin word meaning " closed off garden " . The name is due to its isolated location in andalusian countryside .

Andalusian countryside where you can see beautifull mountains and fascinating white villages . The house is situated in between the field of orange trees .
Its a square house enclosed by white plan surfaces , the only continous light being low and horizontal , and four symmetrically arranged lemon trees .

The plain white house with the background of the fields . The house revels nothing yet nobody can deny its presence .

In todays chaos where architects try to impress with each line they draw, architect albert created such a simple and dignified beauty which one can find in nature every time we cast our eyes upon it .

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WOW!!! that sounds so simple, yet so beautiful!!!!