Tuesday, April 17, 2007

'O' Architecture

It’s a typical Monday morning, with my alarm going off at 4: 30 am . As I wake up with puffy eyes I look out of window to see the dark sky with stars shinning. But alas I have to get ready and gear up for a day. I am an architect working in a outsourcing firm in India where the work starts when our client architects complete their day’s work and handle the task to us .As u reach your office and see all those buildings standing proudly, taking shape, only then you understand the full impact of globalization .the world is a small place now, where your clients or your bosses can be anywhere and the knowledge sharing is global. If we look at India’s scenario, it’s on a development stage and that’s when the talent pool in a country can bloom and look forward to brighter future. Its been a year now, working in a architectural outsourcing firm in noida , and when I look back I can feel how much I have understood the architecture field on a global scale . The architectural education is not enough to gear the students for the real world, ya they can shape dreams and impart technical know how, but the real world need more than that. The real world needs leaders, self-motivated people who are bold enough to handle things on any front beat it design or technical know how or management. The first time you see a project of a huge scale your eyes widen up and you see every thing eagerly and try to gulp up everything, all the design aspects, all the construction details. When I joined the firm and got to know the whole idea, I just couldn’t help being excited. But it will take time before the idea will reach its full limit. When you are at receiving end of any business idea you can understand the full impact of any world changing scenario and architectural outsourcing is one of that. It changed the way architectural world worked but still as I say when you are at the lowest ladder of any idea then only can fully understand it. When you work on the tiny miny part of huge projects you wonder how this building was conceived and how it’s growing. Since India is still learning about the new technologies and more and more architects are implementing them, experimenting them in Indian buildings, the gap between tech know how will decrease. The India is fast catching up the world with its young and dynamic talent pool. The young professionals have confidence and eagerness on their face which is the responses of India to the world , that we ready to move ahead of the world .

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Here we go! The First Step! Congratz - Gift urself some Chocolates