Monday, May 28, 2007

Hampton court palace , london

while roaming around London and enjoying its rainy weather , one can't escape the influence of the history on the art and architecture of the city . London is the perfect blend of the old monuments and the new upcoming structures. Hampton court is one of the old monuments .

Henry the 8Th was the first royal owner of the Hampton court palace . The palace is the mix of kings , queen's apartments ,large Tudor kitchens . The palace is the perfect blend of Tudor and Baroque architecture . The building covered over 6 acres and the gardens spreads to around 60 acres .Henry the 8Th was responsible for the setting out the structure of the gardens , privy ( private ) garden to the South , a hunting park to the east , pleasure grounds to the north and , to the west , the entrance gate .

In Tudor period Henry the 8Th great orchard occupied the land in the north of the palace but during the reign of William 3rd this entire area , known as the wilderness , was planted with tall clipped evergreens in geometric patterns and intertwining paths . The maze is the only remaining part of this layout .

one of the 18Th century travelled and novelist Daniel Defoe , who greatly admired Hampton court wilderness remarked "nothing of that kind can be more beautifull"

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