Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

India is full of surprises , and when i saw Ajanta and ellora caves , i was not prepared for what i was going to see...Thanks to all those university trips that i got that chance and the freedom to enjoy the beauty of India.......These caves are one of my favorates ....
The caves are 30 km from Aurangabad It houses 34 caves covering a distance of 2 km in length. 12 of the caves are buddhist (600 AD to 800 AD), 17 hindu (600 AD - 900 AD) and the rest jain (800 AD - 1000 AD). These caves definitely serve as the finest example of religious tolerance practised by man, fact made obvious after observing how well the current religions coexist in a same neighbourhood. Ellora caves served as chapels (Chaityas), monasteries (Viharas) and temples for the monks.


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