Saturday, July 21, 2007

Insight's Verdi and Sync Design Concepts Receive Gold and Silver IDEA Awards

Insight received top honors from the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), a celebration of the best product designs of the year. Insight won Gold for the Verdi Lawnscaping system and Silver for the Sync public washing system, both in the Design Concept category.
Some of the world's hottest designs, innovative problem-solvers and coolest concepts were among the winners. Of the 1,691 entries this year, only 20 were awarded the Gold and just 19 earned the Silver.

The Verdi Lawnscaping System is a modular landscaping alternative to traditional grass lawns. An interlocking tile system with built-in irrigation, it transforms any space into a customisable, environmentally sensitive landscape. With dramatic population increases and subsequent higher demands for resources, water conservation will be a necessary part of household behaviour. Verdi practically eliminates the need for high-pollution mowers and inefficient water usage, making it beneficial for any climate. Pre-seeded tiles come complete with region-appropriate plant life, further ensuring a sustainable landscape.

The water collection system integral to Verdi stores the rainwater and/or household grey water in reserves within each tile to enable an efficient plant growth system with little maintenance required. Plant tiles have a mesh layer above the moulded channels in the base, allowing water to drain through, yet preventing plant growth into the water storage area. Next is the growing medium, composed of non-woven natural fibres, which wicks water up to the plant life via holes in the mesh layer. Topping off the growing medium is the pre-seeded fertilised organic compound, which contains the basis for the plant life that will inhabit the tile. A nutritive, dissolvable film printed with soy inks seals the top of the tile, protecting the contents of the tile during transport without using unnecessary materials.

Modular accessories, such as solar-powered light tiles and shrub planters, give Verdi a degree of versatility unbeknownst to most backyard do-it-yourselfers. Additional tiles include path tiles, which are installed for rigid walkway surfaces and patio areas. The common base tile is fitted with a variety of inserts, including recycled glass composite, bamboo, or moulded recycled plastic for the path tiles, extending the aesthetic possibilities of the Verdi system. The solar light tiles have an illuminated perimeter powered by a central solar cell array. The cells also connect to the pump as its source of power. Plants that require more space for root development can be planted in the shrub planter modules, allowing users to incorporate shrubs and small trees into their custom lawnscape. Edging tiles close off the outermost irrigation channels and secure the entire tile system to the ground via stakes.

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