Saturday, July 28, 2007

The kingdom of ' Patiala '

Durbar hall , Patiala

Quila Mubarak , Patiala

The central courtyard , Quila Mubarak , Punjab

Sheesh mahal , Patiala

Sheesh Mahal , The chandelier

'Patiala ' is a city in the punjab state of INDIA . Patiala district is one of the famous princely cities of erstwhile Punjab. I was reading about various restoration going on in various historical sites in India , and found the forts and havelis in Punjab .
The Patiala house got series of rulers who wanted the all round development of the state . After the revolt of 1857, many artists, artisans, administrators, musicians and chefs who had had no choice but to flee from the Mughal court shifted to the court at Patiala. This added tremendously to the prestige of the Patiala court and understandably heralded in the golden era of the state. The next several decades saw Patiala reach the very pinnacle of its glory in fields as diverse as music, architecture, art, education, painting, masonry, crafts and culinary traditions.

INTACH is non profit organisation which is working on the conservation and documentation of the historical sites across india .

P.S - i was born in Patiala .....and i have been seeing all those buildings

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