Monday, September 10, 2007

Green Building Congress 2007 , Chennai

Green Building Congress 2007 - Event Calendar

A. International Conference on Green Buildings - 20 & 21 September 2007
B. Exhibition on Green Building Products - 19 to 22 September 2007
C. Seminar on Green Homes - 22 September 2007
D. LEED Workshop - 19 & 22 September 2007
E. Green Building Mission - 19 & 22 September 2007

Venue : Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai

World over, the construction sector is growing at a rapid pace. In India, the construction sector is growing at 13% and real estate at a stunning 30%.
This would undoubtedly burden the already stressed urban infrastructure. If this kind of a growth rate is to be sustainable, there is an imminent need to look at construction which is environment - friendly.

Since the past 5 years, green buildings have caught the imagination of several stakeholders of the construction industry for a variety of reasons:

40% to 50% reduction in energy cost
30% to 40% reduction in water consumption
Green corporate image
Health of building occupants
Imbibe best operational practices right from day one

The projected growth potential for Green Buildings in India is estimated to be Rs. 2000 crores by the year 2008


-Create awareness on green building concepts
-Expose the participants to the latest global trends
-Exhibit green building products and technologies
-Provide a platform for networking
-Facilitate exploring new business opportunities
-Enable market transformation of green products and equipment

Focus Areas

-Architectural perspecttves in Green Buildings
-National & international experiences on Green Building concepts
-Case studies on green buildings
-LEED Green Building rating system
-Green Building materials, equipment & technologies
-Public policies.
-First hand feel of Green Buildings in Chennai.

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