Saturday, November 17, 2007

How Design Management Helps Companies

Everything designed, be it a product, identity, interface, architecture or communication, has one thing in common—it has to be managed.

Design management is the way to enhance collaboration and synergy between “design” and “business”.

In the UK, companies that are “effective users of design” outperformed the stock market by 200% over the last decade. —British Design Council, Design Index

Design management is the art and science of empowering design, for social, economic
and environmental benefit.

To use design effectively, companies apply design management methods and processes which include:

> Research and observation
> Envision future scenarios
> Innovation planning
> Create design strategy
> Build corporate reputation
> Visualization and modeling
> Design infrastructure
> Design organizations
> Design sourcing
> Financial resources
> Design process
> Creativity management

Incollaboration with DesignSingapore Council,DMI-theDesignManagement Institute ,will
host an exceptional conference on November28-29,2007 in Singapore.

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