Saturday, January 5, 2008

Green skyscraper will have 'steel-like' concrete skin

Paris-based architect Jacques Ferrier was at the AIA Show in San Antonio earlier this month to show off his latest concept for a “green” mixed-use skyscraper, called Hypergreen.
The design, which was recently submitted for a project competition in Paris, incorporates a curving lattice façade made of ultra-high-performance concrete that will act as the building’s primary structural system. The thin, prefabricated concrete members will free the interior structure from any wind-bracing functions, reducing the number of columns required to support the floor plates.

Height: 246 meters
Green features:

* Geothermal heat pumps
* Photovoltaic panels
* Wind turbines
* Earth cooling tubes
* Vegetated sky lobbies
* Roof garden
* Rainwater recovery
* Highly flexible and adaptable floor plates
* Deconstructability

Structural system:

* High-performance concrete exoskeleton made of Ductal from Lafarge
* Interior frame structure built with precast reinforced concrete

via architectural videos & Building design+construction

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