Sunday, June 29, 2008

gma radio - viability of this concept in India

23rd UIA world Congress in Torino , June 29rd to July 3, 2008
The theme of the congress is Transmitting Architecture , Since i cant visit the place , i am just relying on their website for information . Another interesting thing that's happing at the congress is the launch of the first web radio in streaming dedicated to the world of architecture . That's interesting concept and i was thinking what about having a dedicated radio for architects in India ....anybody listening !....anyways my mind will work on that .....Those are few initiatives to make the architecture world more connected . We will see more of these in developing nation as our economies move towards progress. Lot many venture funds are available in India but the thing is

- How big will be the market for such a new concept .
- How receptive Indian architects will be for such a concept .
- what will be the content so that it will be usable for the working professionals (as nobody can waste time on useless stuff).
- Will architectural colleges ,studios be interested in contributing to it ( That can be a platform to promote upcoming architects and create a visibility for established studios ).

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