Monday, June 2, 2008

RMJM Founds Business-Focused Program at GSD

Source: ARCHITECT Magazine
By Amanda Kolson Hurley

On March 17, the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) announced a $1.5 million gift from U.K.-based architecture firm RMJM to support a new integrated design program at the school. The RMJM Program for Research and Education in Integrated Design Practice will emphasize business management principles and a thorough understanding of the construction process to round out students' design skills.

Speaking to attendees of Harvard's Design Firm Leadership Conference, who filled the GSD's Piper Auditorium, dean Mohsen Mostafavi said, “We believe very strongly in the role of transdisciplinary research. We believe it's the future of design education.”

RMJM CEO Peter Morrison told the crowd that “architects must regain the status of master-builder” and that to do so, they must learn “to generate proper reward for the value [they've] created.”

GSD professor Spiro Pollalis told the audience that although the details have not been worked out yet, the program will entail collaboration between the GSD and the Harvard Business School.

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