Sunday, December 16, 2007

Carbon Reduction in Buildings (CaRB)

A socio-technical, longitudinal study of carbon use in buildings

CaRB is a major research project funded by the EPSRC and Carbon Trust as part of Carbon Vision Buildings (CVB) - a research programme aimed at reducing carbon emissions from the UK building stock. CVB has been formed out of the Carbon Vision Partnership of the EPSRC and the Carbon Trust, and with the support of the ESRC.

The vision of CaRB is to create an innovative, public domain, socio-technical model of energy use in buildings applicable at national, regional, city and community level. It will predict current carbon emissions and the changes resulting from energy efficiency measures, the deployment of renewable energy technologies and the use of non-technical interventions. CaRB is being conducted by a consortium of five universities in the UK in partnership with ESD and RICS.

5 universtities are:-

1. The Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development (IESD) is a specialist research, consultancy and teaching group based within De Montfort University
2 .The Barlett , Faculity of built environment
3.University of Reading
4. The University of sheffield
5.The University of Manchester

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