Saturday, December 15, 2007

Smart Geometry workshop 2008 at munich, Germany

The SmartGeometry group has been created in the belief that Computer Aided Design lends itself to capturing the geometric relationships that form the foundation of architecture.

SmartGeometery is organising a conference features a day long agenda focused on advanced computational and parametric design. Parametric design tools and consequential manufacturing technology are allowing new forms of architectural and structural expression which are changing radically the world of the built environment. Sessions will also include a selection of highlights from the four day workshop being held before the conference — providing a wonderful immediacy to the issues and concepts discussed. The SmartGeometry Group is dedicated to educating building professionals in the application of advanced 3D design tools and computational design.

Events :-

1.Generative Components Pre-Training Class
February 27 – 28
2.Generative Components Workshops
February 29 – March 3
3.SmartGeometry Alumni Summit
March 4
4.SmartGeometry Conference and Reception »
March 5

From smartgeometery 2008

The workshop is a unique annual opportunity to meet and work with tutors from some of the leading practices exploiting new parametric technologies as design methodologies.
The key focus this year is on design to manufacture. Increasingly areas of expertise are converging based on digital tools and in today’s environment operating between multiple computing environments is common. Although the base software used at the course will be Bentley’s Generative Components (provided for free to attendees) several of the workshops will explore links to other design, computation and design environments. For applicants unfamiliar with GC there will be a compulsory 2-day free training course immediately preceding the workshop.

Other workshops will focus on linkages to analysis for performance evaluation such as environmental, structural, and of course light simulation.

Workshop tutors

Workshop groups are led by 22 tutors, including these senior tutors.

Achim Menges - Architectural Association London / HFG Offenbach
Andrew Kudless - California College of the Arts / Matsys
Axel Kilian - TU Delft /
Brady Peters - Foster and Partners
Chris Williams - Bath University
Francis Aish - Foster and Partners
Hugh Whitehead - Foster and Partners
Jalal El Ali - Buro Happold
Jeroen Coenders - Arup
Jonathan Rabagliati - Foster and Partners
J Parrish - Arup Sport
Judit Kimpian - Aedas
Kaustuv De Biswas - MIT
Lars Hesselgren - KPF
Mirco Becker – KPF
Onur Yuce Gun - KPF
Rob Woodbury - Simon Fraser University
Roly Hudson - Bath University
Shane Burger - Grimshaw
Steve Sanderson - SHoP
Stylianos Dritsas – KPF
Xavier De Kestelier - Foster and Partners

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